1/4 BEEF - 90lb Bundle

1/4 BEEF - 90lb Bundle

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Our 1/4 Beef Bundle provides you and your family with all the cuts of meat you'll need for weekday dinners, cook-outs, and family gatherings. Buying in bulk saves money and time, cutting down on your shopping time throughout the year when you have all cuts of beef you need ready and waiting in your fridge and freezer. Everything included in the bundle is cut to our most popular portion specifications. Products are frozen and sealed in easy-open packages ready for storage and freezing. All cuts are individually packaged and labeled. Make sure you have ample freezer space available before purchasing one of our beef bundles. 

Bundle Includes:

4 Top Round Steaks (1 / pkg) 

4 Beef for Stew  (1lb / pkg)  

2 Sirloin Steaks (1 / pkg)

2 Porterhouse Steaks (1 / pkg)

1 Rump Roast (1 / pkg)    

1 Bottom Round Roast (1/pkg)

2 Ribeye Steaks (1 / pkg)

4 Chuck Roasts (1 / pkg)

1 Bag of Beef Bones (~3-5 lbs)

40 to 55 lb. Ground Beef (~1lb / pkg)

Quantities and cuts may vary by availability and weight.  Package will be a minimum of 90 pounds.

$400 Deposit Required