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Save $1.56 /lb.
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Save $1.56 /lb.
$6.24 /lb.
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Avg. 1 lb.

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What a great little find! Easy to get to and lots of great selections despite the size. They had ice cream, yogurt, cheese, many different varieties/cuts/selections of meat, chocolate and strawberry milk and several other goodies.
Marisa R.
Have passed by many times, finally made the stop in! Great selection of meats including uncommon cuts. Lots of dairy products and eggs, too. Prices are great, you are definitely getting what you pay for. The self-serve aspect is unique and really shows how much farmers care about their community, and how much we should show back to them. We will be back for sure!
Karyn H.
We picked up some meat there today and just enjoyed the most delicious grilled pork chop dinner! Wonderful, friendly service and those must be some very HAPPY pigs!
Laura U.