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Meet Your Farmer!

Andrew Crush

Our mission is to operate a financially solvent, regenerative, ecologically friendly farm dedicated to providing the finest foods that our earth can naturally produce.


Believe it or not, Andrew Crush did not grow up dreaming of being a farmer. Spring House Farm got its start in the Spring of 2004, after Andrew and his wife, Liz, continued to notice a lack of high quality meat available in stores. Initially, their goal was to create a sustainable farm where they could provide meat for themselves and allow their children to grow up experiencing the outdoors. As they shared their delicious, top quality meats with friends and family, the demand grew, so they started working on ways to grow their business. 

Today, Spring House Farm consists of several owned and leased properties throughout Loudoun County, Virginia. They raise a multitude of products including pastured and forest-finished pork, grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-raised sheep, and even honey! Andrew and Liz, and their two children, work together on the farm as a family. They take care of all the animals, the market, and even the butchering!