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Grass - Fed & Grass - Finished
Beef, Pork, Poultry and Lamb

Our livestock management philosophy is simple. Tender meat is directly related to the amount of time any animal stays in one specific area. We operate on a rigid pasture rotation to allow the animals to consume as much fresh green growth as possible. Quickly moving them to a new area allows the forage to rest and grow. Our pastures consist of alfalfa, crimson clover and other grasses. By operating our farm using regenerative agricultural practices, we are able to produce food that is not only better for you, but also better for the planet. 


At Spring House Farm, our Berkshire boars are crossbred with female Large Black and MuleFoot pigs. The Berkshire pig and the MuleFoot pigs are known for having juicy, tender meat with heavy marbling. Comparatively, the Large Black is known for being more lean in fat and flavor. By crossbreeding the MuleFoot and Large Blacks with the heritage breed Berkshire, we are able to raise pigs that have the perfect ratio of meat to fat, are deliciously tender, and packed with flavor. Because all of our pigs are 100% pasture-raised and forest-finished, and are excellent foragers, they are able to absorb the flavors of their food, giving their fat and meat a nice earthy flavor. Our pig breeds are also very calm and adaptable, able to thrive in a variety of climates, meaning that they experience less stress and will yield much more tender meat than what you would find in your regular grocery store. Our pigs are pasture-raised to 100 pounds and forest finished to 300+ pounds. They feed on natural forage and are supplemented with corn and brewers mash.



Our cows are a crossbreed of the Australian-originating Lowline Angus bulls and Traditional American Angus cows. They are great foragers who do very well on an all grass-fed diet, with low feed requirements. They have a high carcass yield, and their meat is well-marbled even without grain supplementation. In order to keep our beef tender, and maintain the cows’ 100% grass-fed diet, they are moved around regularly throughout the raising process, never staying in one grazing spot for too long.



On our farm we also have Katahdin sheep. They originated in Maine, developed by breeder Michael Piel. They are docile, able to tolerate different climates, and easy to handle. They are a fairly low maintenance breed because they shed their Winter coats in time for Summer, do not require shearing, and they are naturally resistant to parasites. Our lambs are pasture-raised, and their meat is very lean with a mild flavor.



Our chickens are all Cornish Cross. The Cornish Cross chicken is a mix between a Cornish and a White Plymouth, bred specifically to be a meat bird. They grow very quickly, are broad breasted, and about 75% of their live weight is converted to meat products. They are also very easy to clean and pluck, compared to other meat birds. Our chickens are non-GMO, not treated with antibiotics or steroids, and are entirely pasture-raised.



Some of the most important team members at Spring House Farm are the livestock guardian dogs. Our dogs are Karakachans, originally from Bulgaria but introduced to the United States in 2004 by Dr. Phil Sponenberg of Virginia Tech University. The breed as a whole has always been prized for their intelligence and fearlessness. In the past they had been used as army watch dogs, but they would have gone extinct if not for the fierce protection of Bulgarians. Today they are almost exclusively used as livestock or property guardians. Predators can’t get anything past them, they’re keeping an eye on the land and sky.



Sometimes we even have goats on the farm! Our goats are of the Boer breed, originating in South Africa. They are primarily raised for meat, as they have good carcass qualities, are very resistant to disease, and have a fast growth rate. In the summer, they are able to adapt to warmer temperatures, and we take advantage of their love of foraging by using them to help with brush control on the farm. Boer goat meat is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, tender, juicy, and earthy in flavor. It’s easy to see why Boer meat is regarded as the top choice for goat meat across the world!