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Roots So Deep: You Can See the Devil Down There

written by

Julia Mullins

posted on

May 20, 2024


An episodic documentary series!

This docu-series is all about inventive farmers and maverick scientists building a path to solving climate change with hooves, heart and soil.

Examine whether cattle grazing can be a benefit to the environment, if done differently from the modern-day, harmful, conventional agriculture practices. Along the way, the viewer encounters endearing and engaging profiles of American farmers and their experiences.

Regenerative Farming: A tool for environmental health and climate change mitigation.

Regenerative farming uses holistic land management principles to heal degraded soils, improve ecosystem function, and build biodiversity. Embracing nature's symbiosis empowers us to replicate its balance, including the ability to sequester carbon by fostering a more resilient and carbon-rich soil environment.

Inventive cattle farmers, their animals and land.

Rotational grazing mimics the behavior of ancient wild herds, who moved in large groups, grazing intensively before moving on.

Livestock are rotated through a series of paddocks for heavy-impact grazing. These cycles, interspersed with rest periods, foster diverse pasture growth, prevent selective grazing, and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem resilience. The process facilitates vegetation regeneration, prevents overgrazing, and enriches soil fertility through natural manure distribution, fostering nutrient cycling.

Will they evolve into climate heroes?

Follow Peter Byck as he meets farmers on both sides of the fence –  the folks practicing an adaptive way to graze, and their neighbors set in their family’s generations-old method of doing things.

As stewards, we are charged with the responsibility of prioritizing actions that benefit the collective well-being and protect future generations.


Saturday, June 1 st at Crooked Run Fermentation in Sterling, VA

2 Episodes of the new 4 part series

Followed by Q&A with Farmer Andrew

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