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What's in our Spring House Farm Favorites box?

written by

Julia Mullins

posted on

June 14, 2024

10 lbs of our Grass-Fed & Finished Ground Beef

Ground beef can be used in a variety of ways. Who doesn’t love a good burger in the summer anyways?

Another fan favorite of ours are stuffed bell peppers! These meal ideas are so quick and easy that you can rest assured your family will be well fed after a long day. Don’t forget about the health benefits of grass-fed & finished beef either!


2 lbs of our Pastured Chicken Breasts

Fresh Mediterranean flavors are always a summer time favorite. Greek style lemon chicken or easy chicken gyros will have your family fighting for the left overs, if there are any!Both pair well with rice or orzo & don’t forget the tzatziki and pita!

Thinking more along the lines of Italian? Slice the breasts thin for the perfect chicken parm & serve with pasta and garlic bread


2 lbs of our Famous Forest Finished Bacon

Let’s face it, we all know bacon has endless uses and can be put on just about anything. Aside from the typical breakfast options the SHF team loves bacon wrapped chicken thighs or Asparagus.

Left over bacon strips from breakfast? Highly unlikely, but just in case, you can throw it on burgers, sandwiches, salads, or even add it to your dinner recipe. Our forest finished bacon pack on extra flavor to your favorite meals.


2 lbs of our Famous Small Batch Hand Made Loose Sausage

Loose Sausage is another versatile option in our SHF Favorites Box! Easy Italian meatballs, classic biscuits and gravy, creamy sausage and kale soup, home made meat sauce for your pasta. The options are endless much like the other products included in this special box. We want to make dinner time simple, healthy, and fast. Our SHF favorites box does just that for you and your family.


The Spring House Farm Favorites box is available until June 18th or while supplies last so don’t wait!

P.S. Our famous sausage is always selling out so these special boxes will go quick too!

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